We don’t stock PC’s or laptops but we can recommend one to suit your needs.

A popular service that we do offer is a complete revamp of your existing laptop.

If you are finding it sluggish or if it’s not like it used to be, we can offer a set price fee to bring it back as new.

There are numerous programs out there that will diagnose and attempt to repair errors, but there is nothing like a fresh clean hard disk wipe.

Here’s what we do:

  • Backup your data
  • Format (wipe) your hard drive
  • Reinstall your copy of windows
  • Copy back your data (photo’s, docs, spreadsheets etc)
  • Update windows to include the latest service packs, drivers and security patches
  • Install free anti-virus, malware software, skype, google earth, openoffice, teamviewer
  • Installation of free email client and email setup
  • Network and Wifi configuration
  • Printer configuration

Flat rate fee of $185 (Turn around time normally 24-48 hours)

If your laptop is suitable, we can install Windows 10. Add approx $125 to the above fee.