Remote Support

We can help with most computer problems without even stepping foot on site. Simply download a small application from here:

Windows Teamviewer 12
Mac Teamviewer 12

Take note of where you downloaded the application and open it up. You’ll see a secure, unique ID and password. Advise us the details we’ll be able to log into your computer and you’ll see just what we are doing.

Do you have a problem with your PC or laptop?

  • Would you like some training in a particular software package?
  • How about help configuring peripheral devices such as printers etc?
  • Do you want your router configured to block pornography and other sites?

We charge in 15 minute increments so that you can benefit from a quick fix without having to fork out expensive call out fee’s and hourly rates. Each 15 minute session is charged at $30 inc gst.