NBN Fibre Prices

We sell for a range of Internet Service Providers, however we highly recommend Exetel for NBN connections in Armidale. We doubt you’ll find cheaper plans anywhere else and you’ll receive quality local support with us. Call us to find out about Exetel’s low prices.

  • Hardware = WiFi Modem Router with Voip = $165
  • Onsite $90/Hour = Includes services such as Router, Phone, Email, Wifi, Security Setup.

When you choose an NBN plan, Exetel will arrange for NBNCO contractors to install the NBN hardware. Exetel’s activation fee will be deducted from your account once the NBN has been provisioned. Once the service is provisioned you are able to complete the installation yourself, or you can contact us for an onsite visit. A typical visit consists of configuration of the router, phone service, email, wifi and security. Most visits take about an hour.

To sign up to any of Exetel’s NBN plans you can apply at their website www.exetel.com.au or call us and we can take your details. When joining on their website please add our agent code N261 so that we can be sure to assist you.

Should you choose to sign up online there is no need to order hardware. We stock the same modems at the same prices and will custom configure them for you.